Martha Washington

Price per lecture - $450


Out of town or state performances/lectures are priced higher depending on travel expenses. 

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Actress - Maggie Worsdale

The multi-talented Maggie Worsdale, with her wit, humor and unquestionable liveliness, becomes our inquisitive first First Lady MARTHA WASHINGTON. Beautifully costumed, each lecture by Martha Washington is loaded with charm, interesting historical tales, little known facts and is delivered in a professional yet entertaining manner.

Current Lecture Topics:

Her Life - Martha Washington


Great Ladies of the American Revolution


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"I was ready for an educational event, but Maggie delivered a FUN! educational event. Maggie has captured a lively and inquisitive first First Lady who draws the audience into her personal experience during the Revolutionary War and her husband's presidency, and then into a fun jaunt thru the history and stories of our First Ladies up to the present. An enjoyable, user-friendly, family-friendly show that made me want to see Maggie's interpretation of Martha's successors at the White House...especially the ones who could sing and tell a story like Maggie can!" (Jane Kozinski -NJ)


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