Priced at $350 - 60 minutes in length.

Actors wear suit and tie for the readings.

Christmas Short Stories

Two professional actors read 3 Christmas “short stories”.


By Richard Christian Matheson, is set on a very hot beach in Bermuda. It’s a conversation between two adult strangers who chat about their lives while sipping lovely, cold drinks. There is magic in their meeting and the best Christmas gift any boy could ever want.


 The Set of Poe

By George Ade. It's about a man who is a keen reader of Poe’s books. Then one day his wife tells him he shouldn’t buy the set of Poe books. The man is angry, convinced that his wife is mean and doesn’t indulge his only passion. 


A Nineteen-Fifties     Jewish-American Christmas Story

By David Sipress. This Upper West Side, Reformed Jewish family in the nineteen-fifties, celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas. Hanukkah was in the kitchen and Christmas was in the living room so they wouldn’t get them mixed up or perhaps to prevent contamination. Our story teller takes us back to the tender age of 6 going on 7 when his mind was trying to make sense of all the rules and regulations that tradition commands for the honoring of both Christmas and Hanukkah.  


1 hour in length, the actors are beautifully suited with a holiday splash of bright green and red accessory. Wonder tales that give a modern twist yet still enchant. Ah, the warm glow of the most wonderful time of the year found in three stories read beautifully by pros.