Traveling Literary Theater was established in 2005 with the production -
For the past 14 years, this small troupe of professionally trained actors have traveled with over 10 productions and over 300 performances. The actors bring to life characters through professional readings by famous authors and through interpretations of historical figures.
Now Booking 2020 Season in PA, NJ, WVA, MD
Ulysses S. Grant - Ken Serfass

Ken Serfass offers a living history impression of Ulysses S. Grant, his early life to supreme commander through his presidency.  Fully costumed, the lecture is 90 minutes in length and includes question and answer.

Each year Serfass portrays all US Grant engagements at GRANT'S TOMB IN NYC.


PRICING - Prices range from $200 - $500 per program depending on the number of actors involved. Please visit our contact page and inquire individually. We try to meet all budget requests. 


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