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General Ulysses S. Grant

Ken Serfass portrays Ulysses S. Grant - 1 Hour Presentation - $400

Of cigars and Civil War: History impressionist channels U.S. Grant in Mt. Lebanon - ARTICLE - JULY 2016

Man takes a love of Ulysses S. Grant to a new level - Article August 2016

Founder & Presenter

General Grant - Living History Impressionist

March 2009 – Present. Home based now in Gettysburg PA, founded in San Diego CA

A first person impression of Ulysses S Grant.
I can present motivational talks to almost any age group, meet with Civil War round table groups for subject discussions, preside at military-esque functions and always provide a believable experience of meeting US Grant in person.
I lead a walking tour in Gettysburg, by appointment, which describes much of the battle in the town's streets, and also work with a horseback tour company, with the ability to present the general accompanying the tour.
Most living history experiences are open to adjusting to a given situation, so if you can imagine it, we can make it plausible.                                                                                                                                             


The Battle of Vicksburg
Rail Roads as part of the War strategy
The Overland Campaign
Lee's Surrender
Reconstruction after the War as General and President
Friendship with President Lincoln
The White House Years
The Life of Ulysses S. Grant

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